2018 FW New boots are in stock.

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2018FW New boots are available.

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Rad Shoes Blog

It was published in the magazine "Hail Mary Magazine" released on August 30,

SPLIT V TIP BOOTS (no, 8752)

Since UPPER material uses Oil Pull-up,
It goes well with casual taste,
The look of the material will be even better if you wear it tightly.

and more than anything,
One of the commitment of rudd shoes,
Sole parts pursuing "functionality" (referenced in the magazine), the squeezing of the arch and the feeling of holding the heel,
It eliminates the bad bending and hardness of the Goodyear manufacturing method.

Rad Shoes Blog

In the feeling of dress, such as wooden mold, WELT parts, sole sewing and sole finishing,
New boots of rud shoes that drop the casual feeling such as UPPER material and stitch work.

Make the length a little shorter,
It is designed to be more comfortable to wear.

As soon as it's ready to ship
We will ship from time to time.

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