Until ShowRoom & Office is possible ② (before ~ after)

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Another step towards completion!

To some extent, the image of the interior has solidified,
Next is indispensable for the product to shine,
Expedition to look for display fixtures.

This is the first time to create a ShowRoom,
With limited funds,
It fits the image "This is it! It is hard to find furniture that I think.

If you are looking for interior SHOP on the website, go to the store,
Ask an acquaintance to visit the store ...

Here is the shop that personally deals with the best products!

Rad Shoes Blog

Rad Shoes Blog

We have two stores in Tokyo, Sendagaya and Adachi.
A shop dealing with European and American antique furniture, sundries, etc. since the late 1800's.

Sendagaya's small furniture, display mainly inside the store,
The Adachi store (pictured) is full of warehouses centered around large-sized furniture, which is a masterpiece!

It was a fun time just looking at the products that convey the aura, the feelings that have been handed down since ancient times, which are unique to antiques.

A store that gives you new ideas,
Thank you very much! !!

to be continued‥

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