Until ShowRoom & Office is possible (before)

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It's a sequel.

On this occasion,
It will be a new show room & office.

Before summer comes, before it gets hot.
Be able to hold an exhibition before autumn arrives.

To everyone
I want to create a place where you can see the products slowly!
With the thought that from Golden Week in May
About 1 month of interior work,
It's finally completed!

Rad Shoes Blog

before looks like this ...
Originally it was a Show Room for ladies shoes, there was a Window,
However, since then, I have used it as a warehouse, and the floor and walls are considerably damaged
I liked the floor plan, so
While keeping the materials alive
Rad Shoes Blog
Rad Shoes Blog
While consulting with the interior shop
Rad Shoes Blog
Rad Shoes Blog
Rad Shoes Blog
Rad Shoes Blog
Because I wanted a color that does not exist in the swatch for the exterior, locally,
Add yellow ... Add white ...
Repeat adding yellow again ...

Mix colors and create your own! !!
Thank you so much for the paint shop! !!

Finally half completed with this,
to be continued‥

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